PCT and understanding, conference dates

[From Kent McClelland 941001]
Dag Forssell (940924 1700)

As we discuss PCT and levels of perception on this net, it seems to me
that we underestimate the solid power of the levels of perception, and
the control that each level is capable of exercising.

. . .

In a PCT discussion forum, it seems to me to be appropriate to more
clearly recognize the exquisite control that is going on. . . .

This long post hasn't had much response on the net that I've seen, so I
thought I should come out of my work-enforced hibernation long enough to
say that this post seemed to me very nicely done, one of the best things
I've seen you write, Dag.

Chuck Tucker's recent posts have also impressed me as interesting and

My current PCT work is on hold while I teach classes and administer the
department this fall. But an administrative deadline is approaching and I
need to start planning for next summer--what are dates of the CSG
conference in 1995?

  -- Kent