PCTDEMOS, Mathematics

[From Dag Forssell (931228 1220)]

The PCTDEMOS disk is now in Bill's hands for a quality check. I just
learned of one mistake which interferes with the ARM1 program's block
diagram, caused by a misunderstanding of mine.

Additional problems may be uncovered.

I sent evaluation copies to six netters just before Christmas. You are
hereby notified to NOT copy and pass on the disk dated December 1993.
I will mail replacement in a week or so, dated January 1994. The updated
disk has improved clarity of instructions and more convenient
installation files.

The corrected disk will be sent to Bill Silvert so all the files can be
posted to his listserver. This will update the files there now and add
many more.

The disk may be freely copied.

As stated before, I will mail a copy of the disk to anyone, anywhere who
sends me $10 to cover expenses and contribute to this work.

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Martin Taylor 931227 14:45 Re: Lindley: The End of Physics

I have enjoyed the postings on The end of Physics. Both by Scrooge and
by his side-kick Mathematics-uber-alles. I have ordered the book and
look forward to reading it myself. Mathematics sends me a dig:

(As opposed to the comment by Dag Forssell (931217 1050): Mathematics
tells us NOTHING about nature. It is a pure abstraction.)

Martin, I shall stand by my statement (which you quoted incompletely),
and I think we will end up in agreement. I am making good progress on
an essay with the working title:


I am about to expand it just a little, which allows me to re-title it:


This may attract readers in management much better.

I will reply carefully on the net to your personal posting on my claim.
I think it will be helpful to do so in the context of my upcoming essay,
so please bear with me. I may take a week.

Best, Dag