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Bruce Gregory (990127.1330 EST)]

Richard Kennaway (990127.1650 GMT)

The question that TCP's observation inspires me to ask is:
*how* does C/GNP
remain constant? If it is resistant to all the disturbances that
governments have tried to make, does this suggest that a
control system is
present? What further tests might be made to determine this?
If a control
system is present, what implications does this have for TCP's causal

Excellent questions! I hope Rick responds. The data does seem to suggest
a control system at work, but I can't imagine what it might be or how it
might control its perception of C/GNP.

Hmm. Let me guess. How about the people who report the numbers on
which all subsequent calculations and interpretations are based?

Nah. That's too cynical, isn't it?

Oh well, perhaps there's a better explanation.


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