Perceptual Control Theory

[From Bill Powers (990315.0657 MST)]

Walter Fritz (990315) --

Hi, Walter. You bring welcome news to me this morning. I hope you will
become an active participant on CSGnet (I presume you have seen how to
subscribe -- if not, ask). And I trust you will not mind my copying this
correspondence to CSGnet. I'll look at your web site soon.


Bill Powers



Dear Bill:

The first time I read about Perceptual Control Theory I thought: what an
unusual point of view. After some month when reading again about PCT I
thought that this is really an interesting point of view, and I added a
link to PCT to my site on intelligent systems.
Now, on reading again about PCT, I am finally totally convinced. I
intend to reviev my site and change any part that is not in line with
PCT. Also I intend to check all parts of the brain for the household
robot that I am building, for concordance with the PCT.

My site on "Intelligent Systems and their Societies"

On "Intelligent Systems"

The link to PCT is in "Objectives"

On "Robby"

Best regards
Walter Fritz