Powers on Taylor on PCT and SR

[From Rick Marken (940410.1730)]

Bill Powers (940409.0600 MDT) --

God, I love it when you're mad.

This argument had absolutely no effect. It was as if I hadn't
uttered a word. It was then that I began to lean toward Rick's point
of view: it simply made no sense to you that a control system could
control a variable without knowing ANYTHING about what was causing
that variable to change. Somehow, some usable information had to be
getting into the control system from outside it that would tell the
control system what it had to do.

So, Martin, it looks like you've got your "off-line" work cut out for ya'.
Bill seems to be as incapable as I am of seeing any but the most trivial
relationship between IT to PCT.

I think that to characterize
our arguments as propaganda intended to emphasize differences with
S-R theory that really don't exist is not only tactless, but
indicative of failure to understand why PCT is constructed as it is.

Would it be tactless if I agreed heartily.

Not that all of us have any complaints coming when the subject is

Guess so.

Your arguments about information theory would be more interesting if
they were based on work you had actually done.

Yes, that would make them a great deal more informative.