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Sure wish I had said that, and with that clarity.

Very clearly, I am focused on the program level where I understand there to be
choices, conditional branching, change in controlled variable. A discussion of
the program level seems not only appropriate, but vital. I don't believe we
can have a meaningful discussion of IT or of the control shift questions I ask
without some sort of moderately common understanding of what each of us has in
mind. Martin's understanding and mine seem to be fairly close, although we
have never discussed it between us. That may explain why we have similar, but
probably not identical, views on IT coexisting with PCT.

As it stands, Martin's explanation for makes great sense and I have no
problem at all with Bill P's description of perceiving 0,1 or 2 lights.

Let's focus on the core of the problem with common goal of developing
a mutual understanding of the program level. Get that straight and the
rest will follow. Fail to get it straight, and we will spin wheels forever.

For Gary Cziko: Glad you felt up to posting your latest.


Bill C

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