Programs, Si! More t, No!

[From Rick Marken (950123.2130)]

Bruce Abbott (950123.1800 EST) --

I think we've beat this dead horse enough.

I'm willing to go with that. This whole thing has really gotten way
out of hand and I'm willing to admit that it's probably because I'm
the Joe McCarthy of PCT, seeing a conventional psychologist under every
bed. By the way, how are the "card carrying" conventional psycho-
logists doing with the low c <-> h and d <-> c correlations and the
perfect d <-> h correlation? Any violent outbursts yet?

Bill P. says you now have TP 7; have you had a chance to run
3CV1 and PCTAN yet?

I do have TP 7 and I have run your 3CV1 and PCTAN. They work like a
charm. And it's fun to work on a primative computing device like
the PC once again. Reminds me of the good old days with my
Commodore 64. :wink: