Purposeful awareness; not pretending

[From Chris Cherpas (960501.1524 PT)]
    [re: > Rick Marken (960501.1340)] and many others in recent days...

I haven't been that careful in reading (and deleting) all the posts on
awareness so I may be rehashing some really old "news," but have we
already excluded the possibility that awareness is controlled?

I know when I haven't eaten for a while, I am more aware of food-related
objects, as if a reference for an "awareness control system" is
being set by a "hunger" perceptual control unit. At other times,
the a thirst controller might get some help by resetting the reference
of an awareness controller so that it shifts attention to drink-
related perceptions. Of course, this meta-level may not be necessary;
but if there were "purposeful attention," it might serve as an intermediate
problem-solver between normal control and reorganization.

Is attention-shifting the "action" that controls awareness?

"We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Rick, I haven't seen/heard this in a while! Chris Hynde -- aka The Great
Pretender, aka "old black eyes" -- was my first steady girlfriend after high
school (over 25 years ago)...and, yes, I've changed a lot since then. I
guess "Middle of the Road" is more descriptive of my fate.