R K Clark, in memoriam

[From Dick Robertson, 2001.01.09.0652CST]

To those of you who knew Bob Clark you might not know that he died Jan
2, 2000. I just learned about it yesterday in a New Year's letter from
Mary Ann. He was one of the earliest contributors to what has become
PCT, and one of the two guys who mentored me originally.

Best, Dick R.

[From Bill Powers (2001.01.09.0716 MST)]

Dick Robertson, 2001.01.09.0652CST --

To those of you who knew Bob Clark you might not know that he died Jan
2, 2000.

What a shock. I always had mixed feelings about Bob. His help in finding me
a position in which I could work on control theory was generous and
consistent. He couldn't help it if his mannerisms drove me to distraction.
After seven years of trying to work together, I guess we both had had
enough of each other (I was no paragon of virtue), and split up permanently
in 1960. But we had shared too much to be easy with that split; I always
had regrets about it. In the 90s, Bob attended a CSG meeting, and seemed
eager to re-establish contact. But all my old irritation was immediately
restored in full force, and it just didn't work out. Others, too, lost
patience with him totally. I know his feelings were hurt and I wish it had
been otherwise. He was an intelligent man and wanted to do the right thing.
He just didn't know how, although it was certainly not his intention to be
that way. My choice for his epitaph would be the same as what I would wish
for anyone, including me: He did his best.

And I wish I could thank him for standing by me when there was literally no
one else who understood what I was trying to do.

Bill P.

Dick R: Sorry to hear about the death of your friend Clark. --Phil R.