Raising Kids/Education = ?

From Greg Williams (920906)

Ed Ford on raising children (920905:2335)

Both Pat and I think that Ed's comments are wise. His techniques are
important, in our opinion.

As outlined by Ed, his suggested interactions with children include
instantiations of purposefully influencing them -- what I have been calling
"manipulation." Recall: influencing another is altering some variables
associated with the other, and manipulating another is influencing certain of
the other's "don't-care" percepts so as to control certain of one's own

The trouble is, while Pat and I and certainly Ed believe that such
manipulation can have tremendously important consequences, Bill Powers has
characterized the consequences of manipulation as "unimportant" to the
manipulee. Bill, are the consequences of manipulation largely or even solely
important only to the manipulator?

Also, Bill and Rick: You both said in posts of yesterday that "education is
not control." Please explain what education is, as related to PCT notions. Can
the concept of education even be approached via PCT ideas?

Thanks for clarifying,