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[From Dick Robertson, 980819.1310CDT]

From Tim Carey

bill, i really am interested in how you think projective tests would be
meaningful in terms of PCT;

I forget the name of the particular test I was thinking of -- it involves
showing pictures of scenes with people in various ambiguous situations in

It's called, The TAT: Thematic Apperception Test. I did some informal trials
with it to identify HPCT levels -- quite a while back. It seemed to work quite

From Tim's later ms:

Again in this session she told me that she thought she was pitiful and
again (this is starting to become disturbingly repetitive) I was at a loss
for words. I realise now I should have just asked her about "pitiful". She

All I can say is, "Welcome to the shrink's club, Tim, there will be lots more
of this in future" -- but I think you're getting great "supervision" from Bill.

One interesting feature was when she came to the conclusion that her life
was pitiful she said "OK, I know that now. So how do I change??" Here I was
at a real loss for what to do in terms of MOLing. I know that at this point
the problem had more to do with me than the therapy interaction because I
felt really pressured to come up with some nifty answer.

That is like a problem I have sometimes gotten into when working with the MOL,
namely, if I am more focused on trying to do the MOL than on what my client is
communcating. We all slip that way sometimes, BUT when you came to

[From Tim Carey (980819.1310)]

I just had another session with the 15 year old we'd talked about...

and you

just played dumb (it wasn't really playing) and asked him heaps of questions
about it

and he

told me that sometimes when he is dancing he gets kicked or sworn at by people
in the crowd and he says it doesn't bother him, he just accepts that that's
what some people do.

and you

I asked him what school would be like if he had the same attitude at school
(he currently thumps anyone who looks sideways at him at school). He got this
weird look and said "Could I treat school like Lion Dancing?" as though this
had never occurred to him. We then had a bit of a chat about what that might
be like.

That was brilliant. Congratulations!


From: Bill Powers <>
Subject: Re: Bullying research Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 00:43:10 -0600