"real" conference

Well, your conferences sound wonderful, ideal. Having been to one
Gordon conference, helped put on another Gordon-style conference, and
attended many plenary + parallel types, the Gordon-style is far more
productive, for all the reasons you say.

So here's the real question:

As to cross-posting, I'm of two minds. When people ask me about
coming, I tell them that of course they're welcome, but they
won't get much out of it unless they've done their homework on
PCT. This isn't a meeting you attend to find a job or increase
your prestige. Use your own judgment.

My judgment may help, but YOUR desires (intentions, goals, desired
end-state, reference level) are more important.

My first reaction to seeing ANY CFP for something systems-realted is
to widely cross-post, assuming that that's what the organizers want.
But maybe you're different. Do you want CSG '93 to be open to anyone?
Do you want it publicized? If so, do you want it publicized with that
CFP, or with something which solicits applications (assuming a
restricted attendance)? I don't care much either way, I'd just like to
help publicize it if that's what you want to happen.


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