reply to Bill Powers on wallowing in inconsistency, etc.

I'll never know what direct is until you tell me I make sense. Let me try.
I believe one side of us indulges in looking for gaps between what you
call our perceptions and our referents, all the way to your ninth order,
as opportunities to learn how to work better with others. So for instance
factory management might take workers who protest that there are more
important ends to production than increasing profits as an occasion to
consider what other ends production might serve, and whether they might
supplant profit increase in the manager's own mind. In the alternative
model I propose, one would at your tenth level of organization perceive that
control was being achieved by drawing out the disparity between what the
manager and his or her workers intend.

The only way to address issues like this is to wed spiritual, non-material
constructs to material patterns. Interestingly, Plato has been taken t