"Responsibilty" Too Much and Not Enough

[from Gary Cziko 9500201.1653 GMT]

Rick Marken (950201.0810) said:

A responsible person is one who can be regarded as the agentive "cause" of a
particular result. I take the word "behavior" to refer to a "controlled
result of action". A control system is responsible for controlled results
of its actions (in the sense that it keeps thses results in reference states)
but, of course, not for the actions that produce them, which also depend on
disturbances. (etc. . . .)

I understand better now what you mean now by "responsible." The trouble
is, your ("unblamable," "unpunishable") meaning of responibility as the
cause of a result can too easily be applied to "non-agentive" causes, as
in the "the recent heavy rains in Europe are responsible for flooding in
the Netherlands."

So "responsible" to you means controlling a particular result, but does not
imply any type of free choice in what is controlled. Is that right?

I think we need another word. "Responsible" seems to either include too
much or not enough. But I suppose this is because the notion of perceptual
control is not understood by most language users.--Gary