Retrofaction, Informative Perception

[From Rick Marken (960131.1415)]

Bruce Abbott (960131.1630 EST) --

                        THE RETROFACTION SYSTEM

Very nice work, Bruce.

Now, have you figured out a way to tell whether organisms in an operent
conditioning experiment are behaving as retrofaction systems or as Killeen
Machines? Or is a Killeen Machine basically the same as a retrofaction system?

_Action: the Retrofaction of Perception_ by William T. Powers

I think it's still "Behavior", so it's B:RP.

Martin Taylor (960131 16:00) --

Why do you believe that if perception is informative it cannot be
"spontefacted", and vice- versa?

Because perceptions don't know what state you want then in; therefore, they
can't be very informative about how you should act to influence them.

Oh, dear. I hope we aren't going to start into another fruitless "information
IN perception" round of postings.

Fear not.