S-R Thinking in PCT?

[From Fred Nickols (990502.0642)]--

Rick Marken (990430.0920)]

Bruce Gregory (990430.1147 EDT)-

This definition seems to imply that the "credible threat of
force" causes people to behave in certain ways. Interesting...

Good point. But it is easier than saying " the credible threat
of an insuperable disturbance to a perception the person is
known to be controlling".

A question of clarification regarding Rick's reply to Bruce G.

A "threat of a disturbance" (insuperable or otherwise) would suggest
envisioning or imagining some probable or predicted state of affairs. I've
only gotten through Chapter 7 in B:CP yet so forgive the dumb question but
are perceptions of probable or predicted future states part of the PCT
hierarchy or scheme of things? If so, where and how do they fit in? Where
are they discussed in B:CP?



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