Satanic request

[From Rick Marken (931028.2000)]

How presumptuous of me. Since Gary (God) Cziko has him right
nearby, why doesn't he ask Wickens what he means by:

Thus whatever is
learned and stored in long-term memory cannot be a specific set of
muscle commands but must represent a more generic or general set of
specifications of how to reach the desired goal. These specifications
were labeled by Bartlett (1932) and Schmidt (1975) as a MOTOR SCHEMA."

Isn't this what we're supposed to do, Greg? I'm sure that what
Wickens probably meant to say was that motor schemas are "a generic
or more general set of specifications for the perceptual consequences of
actions" but don't tell him that Gary; he'd probably be insulted if he
found out that we thought he meant anything different. Of course, if he
DID mean something different -- well, it's almost Halloween and time for
a new entry in my bibliography.