Science fiction; social environment

From Tom Bourbon (930524.1416)

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A little science-fiction:

I would like to propose a theory: God, for each individual, is a
higher level of control systems in the individual, above the
level where awareness normally resides.

This is exactly the thesis of Julian Jaynes' "The Origin of
Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind", (c. 1977?),
which (IMHO) is a seminal idea. Earned Julian much ridicule.

Jaynes proposed much more -- and much less. For one thing, he proposed that
the voices of the gods came from one hemisphere of the brain, an idea much
in vogue, back then, among overzealous advocates of a left-brain/right-brain
dichotomy. There still is no empirical support for that clear dichotomy.
Also, it is distinct from Bill's suggestions concerning the PCT hierarchy.

Also, to defend his thesis, Jaynes advanced some major reinterpretations of
social history and language studies. Not that different interpretations
are bad in themselves (how could a PCTer suggest that!), but they did have
something to do with rejections of his work at that time, and with its
obscurity today.



[From Bruce Nevin (Mon 930524 14:14:52)]

Re: social environment

I want to think about your post for a while, before sending a reply, but I
have a few quick comments.

I hope it is not seen as wrong to try to apply PCT "prematurely" to
my field.

Prematurely? In light of the following comment, that came after your remarks
about similarities and differences in tracking and speaking?

I am glad to see you grappling with these questions.

You took the words right out of my mouth -- or was it the waving right out
of my hand?

... The questions have
to be asked and seriously considered. I do not believe that PCT
provides quick and easy answers--yet.

Or perhaps, any answers from PCT are likely to be perceived as too quick and
too easy. Agreed, and it is nice to have you as one of those seriously

With that, I will wait a while for the remainder of my reply, lest it seem
too quick and easy.

Until later,
  Tom Bourbon