Science or Mush, Gone away.

[From Dag Forssell (950712 2320)]

For all:

I am off to Karin's wedding and a three week tour of Sweden,
introducing the newlyweds to relatives and visiting friends.

Have fun and enjoy the conference. Christine and I will be there
in spirit.

Back about August 10.

For Bruce:

About a week ago, you stated that you wanted to respond to my
posts. I hope that your attention to the continuing, very
worthwhile discussion of reinforcement does not divert you
altogether from this. I look forward to your views. I think that
your reply will shed important light on the current debate.

For Gary:

I ran out of time. No more files coming your way until August.
You were right about a button to request an update. Thanks.

Best, Dag

<[Bill Leach 950713.02:41 U.S. Eastern Time Zone]

[From Dag Forssell (950712 2320)]


I don't know of course if you will even receive this...

I am sorely dissappointed that I will not meet you in Durango this year!
But hopefully other opportunities will arise.

All of the best concerning the wedding and the visit to Sweden. I know
that my accountant and friend enjoys his visits to Sweden more than about
any other activity that he undertakes. I suspect that your trip of three
weeks in Sweden combined with a wedding that you have looked forward to
for some time now will be a delight beyond description.