Science vs. Religion


What about the Alis and the Lis and the Krishnas in the world? Your holiday
wishes left out a sizeable chunk of the world's youth, who don't buy into
EITHER Christianity OR Western science. Regardless of the potential and (I
believe) actual conflicts between science and certain religious ideas,
it appears that the major problem is religion vs. religion.

May folks come to respect the plurality of high-order reference signals
in the coming year, at least a bit more than in the past! I think that
admonition applies to virtually everyone.

And stay loose (it improves your adaptability),

Greg Williams

Forwarding comment from office mate who sincerely believes in maintaining
minimal error wrt Higher Order Reference signals. We disagree on how
one receives these, however./Bill C
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May the Peace of High-order Reference Signals be yours now and forever???


FROM: Paul R. O'Keefe
Subject: Re: Science vs. Religion