Scientific Fraud

[From Rick Marken (2013.04.28.2140)]

There is a very interesting article about scientific fraud in the NY Times:

The focus of the story is on Diederik Stapel, a Dutch social psychologist who’s fraudulent work was published in many prestigious journals, including Science; I think we may have even discussed the Science work some time ago on CSGNet (when people used to discuss rather than tweet;-) He did the study purporting to show that messy environments “cause” increased feelings of racism. Anyway, one commenter made this observation, which I think is spot on and quite relevant to PCT:

I’d guess that his fraudulent research papers went unchallenged for so long because they fit the preconceived notions of colleagues and journal reviewers. His findings told them what they wanted to hear (i.e., about racism and capitalism, to cite examples from this article).

If his research had been fully legit - but challenged the prevailing academic orthodoxy - it would have been highly criticized, often rejected for publication, and generally ignored by peers.

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Richard S. Marken PhD