Selection Theory Bibliography on WWW

[from Gary Cziko <>]

As some of you may know, I am a proponent of what I call "universal
selection theory" which makes the claim that ALL forms of adapted
complexity--from organisms and their antibodies to scientific theories and
technological innovations--emerge from a processes involving blind
variation and selective retention.

In 1990 Don Campbell and I published:

Cziko, Gary A., & Campbell, Donald T. (1990). Comprehensive
Evolutionary Epistemology Bibliography. _The Journal of Social
and Biological Sciences_, 13(1), 41-81.

which focused on references to psychological and philosophcal works
relevant to a selectionist interpretation (both pro and con, but mostly

I have now revised and "Weberized" this bibliography and call it the
"Selection Theory Bibliography." In addition to references, I have begun
to link the references to quotes and to other resources on the Web,
including, for example the full text of some of Bill Calvin's books on the
brain as a "Darwin Machine" and Bob O'Hara's bibliography of Toulmin's

I invite Darwin-L and CSG-L subscribers to stroll through the bibliography.
The address of the main page is: (don't forget the final slash),

although it might be more pleasant to begin the stroll in the quotes file
which is

I welcome comments on the bibliography as well as contributions in the form
of references, quotes and links to other Web resources. Since I already
have many quotes I want to include, it may take me a while to get around to
adding any references or quotes suggested by others. But please send them
anyway and if I like them they will eventually be added.