Selective Citation

[From Rick Marken (950612.1230)]

Bruce Abbott (950612.1015 EST) --

You have employed selective citation to give a misleading impression.

Not really. I selected the citation that showed why you were having
problems understanding that your E. coli model is not a reinforcement
model. The relevant citation is:

I'm guessing that there is some fairly straight-forward way reinforcement
theory can handle the data.

What you call "guessing" looks a lot like "controlling" to me. While you
do recognize that reinforcement theory might not be able to handle the
ratio (or E. coli) data, you clearly don't want to see this happen. Indeed,
you don't seem to want to see that the predictions of reinforcement theory
are exactly the opposite of what is found in the E. coli and ratio studies.
This, I think, is why you have avoided presenting a reinforcement model of
the ratio data and continue to call your control model of E. coli behavior
a reinforcement model. As Bill said, this is certainly not a sin; in fact,
I think it's a good illustration of what PCT is up against, even from
those who are pro-PCT.

But, of course, it is my responsibility to present the data and analyses
that demonstrate that you have not yet shown that reinforcement theory can
account for the E. coli phenomenon. But I will wait for (Papa) Bill to reply
first because I'm so afraid of your lightning wit.


Rick (Pass the Stridex) Marken