Seminar - Whoop!!

Howdy Everybody,

This is the first time for me to send to the whole CSG. I was just so
excited that I had to let everyone know I presented a 1 1/2 hour
presentation on PCT and conflict and control at the North American Masters of
Psychology national conference, in Dallas, 24th Saturday. I was having a
lot of error because: I have never presented to my peers and I knew that I
would have to give applications in the counseling arena to those who attended
(all I had ever done was teacher PCT at the undergraduate level) and I still
remember all the harachment I recieved from the factulty at SFA while doing
my thesis.

Just a little on the seminar. There were over 30 in attendence. We defined
behavior, disturbances, contol, and perception. We looked at the history of
PCT. We learned the Loop. We made it real with the Rubberband experiment.
They cousght on to Disturbance by The Test. I showed them how the “simple
minded questions” related to the loop and how they were a very good means of
drawing out information from your client who comes in with a “presenting
disturbance” or with “error and no idea where it is comign from.” We looked
at the heirarchy and Method of Levels. I really did want to demonstrate the
Method of Levels, but time ran out. I didn’t even get to applications in
the fields such as school, monkeys, juvenile probation, etc. A couple of
my friends told me that I ahd given them things they could take back and
apply - I should be getting the evaluations soon. I think I will not have
any problems explanding to 3 hours or a full day workshop. I gave credit to
Bill, Tea-sip Tom, and Rick for theory and research. I took along some
copies of the Closed Loop, Ed’s three books, Living Control Systems, and
Casting Nets.

If anyone has any suggetions, please let me know.

To follow is the reference page they were given:

Perceptual Control Theory
Selected Readings

Theory and Research

Powers, W.T. (1973). Behavior: The control of perception. Chicago:Aldine.

Powers, W.T. (1989). Living control systems. Selected papers of William T.
Powers. Gravel Switch, KY:Control Systems Group.

Runckl, P. (1990). Casting nets and testing specimens: Two grand methods of
        psychology. New York:Praeger.

Powers, W.T. (1992). Living control systems II. Selected papers of William T.
        Powers. Gravel Switch, KY:Control Systems Group.


Ford, E. (1989). Freedom from stress. Scottsdale, AZ:Brandt Publishing

Ford, E. (1994). Discipline for the home and school. Scottsdale, AZ:Brandt

Ford, E. (1987). Love guaranteed: A better marriage in eight weeks. Phoenix,
        AZ:Arrowhead Press.

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It appears to me that you might be using some sort of word processor
software to create/post your messages.

I don't know about everyone else, but I had to import your entire message
into an editor, remove extraneous characters and reformat just to read
the message.

Congratulations. It is always good to hear about someone presenting PCT
to "the unwashed masses" and reporting a favorable response.



Subject: Seminar - Whoop!!

Ed Ford (950701) afternoon

Some corrections! Closed Loop Quarterly no longer exists. All questions
about CSG go to business address. Love Guaranteed is published by Brandt
Publishing, as are Freedom From Stress and Discipline For Home And School.

Speaking of seminars....Spent the past week in South Carolina. After three
day visit with Hester in Charleston (very interesting), I gave a three-day
course on PCT and the application of the theory to the various areas with
which I deal, namely discipline, stress, and relationships. Left lots of
interested people (one way to tell is by the number of books purchased).

Had a great visit with Charlie Tucker. We really had a great time, and he
even sat in on my course when he could. He was teaching a course in the
morning but showed up in the afternoon all three days. Had several
enjoyable meals (with our wives) although it did rain quite a bit. Charlie,
now I know what you mean by southern hospitality. Looking forward to a
return visit.

Best to all, Ed.