[From Dag Forssell (920723)]

Date: Mon Jul 20, 1992 1:10 pm PST
Subject: PCT Seminar

Hi! Professor Robertson gave me a copy of your version 9 letter on PCT
and I found it interesting. I will graduate in December 1992 under the
BOG Program and with a major in Psych. Control theory is basic to my
interest in the field and I will be needing something to do soon. I
have many years of business management including the conduct of seminars
in sensitive areas (equal employment opportunity). I understand you may
be looking for someone to deliver your program in the Chicago area.
Please contact me if you have an interest in discussing this.

How do I contact you? I have no name, no address.

Glad you found my letter interesting. Thanks!

What is BOG program? Is your major in PCT?

I have yet to get my first customer. If I get one in Chicago, I will
teach myself. I am sure my program will be modified as it meets reality
beyond trial runs with groups of acquaintances. I am not looking for
associates. In fact, I am sure that for the first year at least I will
not have any, if ever. I know other consultant/trainer people who prize
their independence and control. It seems to me that a program like I am
designing by its nature is quite personalized. My convictions are rooted
in my engineering background and extensive reading and living with PCT.
I don't know how anyone else could just deliver my program and be
prepared to answer questions that are bound to come up about why it is
the way it is, or what I mean by a certain illustration.

As you may conclude, I have no great interest in discussing this for the
purpose of an association, at least not now. However, the world can use
thousands of consultants who teach PCT and do it justice. I am quite
willing to discuss that in general.

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