Service Delays (CSGnet on VMD)

It's because a number of listserv backbone nodes have dropped off bitnet
flooding VM42 with listserv traffic. We are looking into getting another
system to handle the load, or dropping off the backbone ourselves. The
latter would speed up VMD, but delay mail for certain types of addresses.
Bruce and Warner have optimized our VM42 configuration where the real
bottlneck has been taking place and improved things considerably.

They've had to route some mail through VMD to take some of the surplus
load off of VM42. Encouraging your subscribers to read as much of
their list stuff via netnews in bit.listserv groups and to NOMAIL their
subscriptions would help releive mail congestion. Barring that using the
DIGEST option can help too.

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Date: Sun, 25 Sep 1994 18:33:45 -0600
To: (Mark; CSO; Programmer; LISTSERV)
From: (CZIKO Gary)
Subject: CSG-L on VMD


Some recents complaints about turnaround time on CSG-L on VMD are appended

Is this because VMD is old and being used beyond its capacity? And will
these problems (if indeed it is VMD-related) go away when a replacement for
VMD is put on-line?--Gary

Rick complained a few days ago about 24-hour delays in delivery. I just
received one of mine after a 50-hour delay, and there are others that haven't
arrived. On Friday there was a sequence of items responding to one (not
of mine) that I still haven't received, so it was hard to understand the
issues being discussed. As Rick said, other e-mail does not seem to show
this kind of delay problem, so far as I can determine. Minutes is the
usual turnaround time, even across different kinds of network. So I think
that the CSG-L server must be having some kind of overload problem that
leads it to delay or possibly even to drop some messages to some subscribers.

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