Shootout, Continued

[From Bruce Abbott (950611.1125 EST)]

As we return from the commercial break, Black Bart is standing, his back to
the bar, facing the saloon doors through which his young challenger had
entered a few moments before. Bart's eyes are calmly fixed on the kid, who
is posed in a gunfighter's stance, his right hand nervously twitching above
the handle of a cheap sixgun. As the moments pass, the kid's hand begins to
tremble. His nerve gone, the kid turns suddenly and bolts through the
saloon doors, swinging them hard enough to slam them against their stops.
The kid mounts his horse and rides off at a full gallop.

Bart turns back to the bar. "Bartender!" he says, "Gimme another shot of

Scene II: Back at the Ranch

Bill McGraw and his wife are just finishing up their evening meal when they
notice the sound of an approaching horse being ridden hard. The hoof-beats
get louder and then stop; suddenly the front door of the ranch-house swings
open and in bolts the kid, his face flush with rage and embarassment, his
eyes glistening with tears.

"Paw!" he says, "It ain't fair! He used the 'e-word' on me!"

McGraw rises from the table and reaches for the gunbelt hanging from the
back of his chair. "I thought he might, but I hoped he wouldn't."

McGraw walks to the door, swings it open, then turns his face back toward
the kid and his Ma. "Ya done good, kid, but this is a man's job. Black
Bart is trickier 'n a riverboat gambler 'n twice as low. I'll take it from

Scene III: The Long Branch Saloon

Bart is sipping on his second whiskey and chatting with one of the "ladies
of the evening" when a loud voice carries over the sound of the honky-tonk

"Bart! I want to have a little talk with you!"

There stands Bill McGraw, now using his Stetson to beat the dust out of his
clothes. "I understand you been spreadin' lies about that fight we had back
in Tombstone. Either you got a bad memory or you completely misunderstood
what happened. I'm here to straighten you out."

Bart looks McGraw right in the eye. "Yes, I think we do need to talk this
over. Bartender! Pour my friend Bill here a drink! Lets sit down and see
if we can work this out peaceable-like."

To Be Continued . . .