Signals and Experience

from [ Marc Abrams (990731.1936) ]

In view of the recent discussion I found this piece to be interesting.

This was part of a response to Hal Pepinsky and his questioning whether
Rick,Bill, Gary Cziko and others had different "opinions" on what PCT was.

Very well put Bill.


[From Bill Powers (930818.1440 MDT)]

We agree pretty well on the basic theory, but there are always differences
in how people internalize a theory. I think Rick is describing his current
organization in terms of PCT. There really isn't any "right" way to be
organized; each person has to work out a way that seems self-consistent,
satisfying, safe, or whatever the higher level goals are. That way will
probably change from time to time as better ideas come up. What I call,
after Hugh Gibbons, "respect for the will of others" isn't a moral code;
it's a recognition of the fact that the only will involved in my own
behavior is my own, and presumably the same is true of everyone else. It
doesn't bother me if others work out their applications of PCT differently
in their lives from the way I work them out in my own life. I can always
argue with them. PCT isn't a religion.

Best, Bill P.