Signing on

From Greg Williams (930504)

Bill Powers (930501.1010)

The following paper is a first draft, the final product to be
submitted to an unselected journal. I am inviting comments,
revisions, deletions, additions, rewordings, new concepts, or
anything else that will make it acceptable to readers on this
net. I particularly want these things from people who will be
willing to become co-authors of the paper. I would like this
paper to appear with many authors from many disciplines in many
countries around the world: the more the better.

For what it's worth -- not much, I suppose, to most non-PCT behavioral
scientists -- this garden writer/housebuilder is in full agreement
with the first draft (given a bit of copy-editing!). We'll see about
subsequent drafts....

I will collect all suggested changes into a new version and
circulate it again, until everyone who wants to be a coauthor
feels willing to stand behind what the paper says and how it
says it. Then we can decide on the venue for publication.

I suggest trying SCIENCE first. The issues here transcend the PCT vs.
nonPCT controversy, suggesting a reconsideration of the typical modus
operandi of modern science in general. Scientists in all fields should
be made aware of the actuality of extrascientific biases and
distortions which can compromise scientific progress.

As ever,