SimCon45b bug fix

[From Bill Powers (2002.07.05.1920 MDT)]

After half an hour on the phone with David Goldstein, I found why the
editor wasn't working for him. My fault. I had put in a path for my own
computer that should not have been there. You have two choices. Ask me for
the revised version, or do the following. in DOS:

Make a new folder \tc [md \tc]

In tc, make a folder primer. [ cd \tc
                                                     md primer]

Go to the directory where all the simcon files are,
cd [[\...simcon folder]

and copy simcon.rc to the new location

copy simcon.rc \tc\primer

Or you can use the My Computer machinery to do the same thing much more slowly.

Now the program will be able to find the file that has directions in it for
the editor.

In Windows 98 and Windows ME, the content of simcon.rc should be this line:

editor c:\windows\command\

Alternatively, you can find and copy it into the directory for
simcon. In that case the content of simcon.rc should be


Make sure it's right before you copy it to the \tc\primer location

David told me of a trick I didn't know about. If you create a shortcut
to simcn45b, right click on Properties, then on the tab Program. In the
box labeled Cmd Line, put in the path and simcn45b.exe followed by a space
and a question mark. Now when you click on the shortcut you'll be asked for
a file name. Just type in the name of the program file without the
extension .inp.

Be sure tlo check the box "Close file on exit", and check "Full screen"
under the tab "Screen".Then click OK.

I'm sure this won't be the last goof.


Bill P.