Simulation & Experiment Packages


I recently sent off to Psychol Record a ms. entitled
"Beyond Murray Sidman's _Coercion and Its Fallout_".

I argue that Sidman makes a strong case against coercive
control but that he does not go far enough. I end up
trying to show how PCT is a logical extension of Sidman's

Do you have any spare copies of the manuscript? (That is a subtle hint.)

I'll upload and mail the draft. What you will see was what I
sent to Bill P and asked him if he would be interested in revising
for a joint effort. Bill said there was nothing for him to do on

Do you think Psychol. Record might consider my manuscript? That could be my
third target -- the final one before I publish in Closed Loop.

Yes, the RECORD, founded by Kantor, takes chances. It marches to the
beat of a different drummer than do most other journals in our

Dennis Delprato