Slow mail (Reply)

[from Gary Cziko 930217.2110 GMT]

Bruce Gletty:

You said about slow listserv mail:

Its running flat out CPU wise. It just hasn't had enough cycles to
handle the load lately. It was caught up over the weekend.
No problems with I/O load or memory just CPU. Its been tweaked,
Warner keeps track of queues and cpu (averages 97% during the day).

Some of my csg-l listees are starting to revolt. For example, from one
particularly irate CSGnetter:

For openers, this morning (2/17) I received seven pieces of mail, all dated
15 or 16 February. That has been the pattern ever since I got back on the
net after our haching incident -- everytging arrives a day or two later than
when it was posted. And a post I tried to send on the 15th, then again on
the 16th still has not gotten onto csg-l. I'll try again in a few minutes.

This no way to run a listserv. Is there hope of getting more CPU to keep
us humming or another machine or should we be looking elsewhere for more
muscle to keep up with csg-l?--Gary


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