Social Facts

[Chris Kitzke 960221.0830]

Has a description been offered for how a collective perception compares to an
individual perception? What would be an example of a collective perception?

As I understand it, an individual perception takes into account not only the
raw sensory signals, but also our life experiences. Given that our life
experiences can never be the same, I would argue that it is impossible to
have a collective perception that can be handled the same way as individual
perceptions in the PCT model. (It is hard enough dealing with one person's
hierarchy, let alone the dynamics between two or more people.)

I am not denying that there is a perceived "collective conscience. Perhaps
this phenomenon can be viewed in terms of a group of individuals, rather than
some new creation beyond our understanding and apart from our own collection
of perceptions and wants?

For all I know, there may be a higher level in the individual control system
hierarchy that includes this group actor.

Who knows?