Splitting the List Not

[from Gary Cziko 950727.1603 GMT]

After announcing that I would be creating a new applied list separate from
the current CSGnet, there have been several reasons posted for why CSGnet
should not be split and virtually no one in favor of the proposed split.

Personally, I would prefer to keep things the way they are with one list
and letting people on the receiving end decide on what to read (as Bruce
Nevin argued). Also, having two lists would increase the amount of
management that I have to do with more chance of errors (e.g., putting
people on the wrong list or trying to unsubscribe them from a list to which
they are not subscribed).

So unless I see some good reasons to the contrary, I will be keeping us all
together for the time being.

The address for CSGnet will still be changed in the near future, but
probably not until the the second week of August.