Spontefaction and the Killeen Machine

[From Bruce Abbott (960201.1650 EST)]

Rick Marken (960131.1415) --

Now, have you figured out a way to tell whether organisms in an operent
conditioning experiment are behaving as retrofaction systems or as Killeen
Machines? Or is a Killeen Machine basically the same as a retrofaction system?

Or in the current "term of the day," basically the same as a spontefaction
system. No, the basic Killeen Machine is an equilibrium system, which is
definitely NOT the same as a spontefaction system. However, Killeen's
expanded Killeen Machine does add a spontefaction system to spontefact the
level of food in the gut or crop, with the equilibrium "reinforcement"
mechanism buried in the spontefaction system's output function. The effect
of the latter is to produce a variable spontefaction action function
fraction (output gain) that depends on the rate of food delivery.

I think it's still "Behavior", so it's B:RP.

But "spontefaction system action" fairly rolls off the tongue; it's just too
good to pass up! Besides, the B:RP (excuse me!) acronym has an unfortunate
sound to it.