Starting over

[From Bjorn Simonsen (2003.05.06,22:00 EST)]

Purpose 1: I will thank you Marc for your contribution making our discussion
better. I appreciate your purpose to be constructive and I appreciate your
effort to make PCT/HPCT more comprehensible. I also appreciate the
discussion about this theme.

Purpose 2: Telling that I think Marc's dictionary will come but the time now
is an evolutionary phase. I think we have to be spacious when we use
different concepts in PCT perspective. Some concepts are undisputable like
perceptual variable, perceptual signal, reference signal, negative feedback,
control loop etc. Other concepts are brought from other theories and other
subjects and some of them are meaningless in PCT. Bill mentioned the word
learning as a good example. I think we still shall wait before we become to
normative. Time will come.

I have bin in CSG for more than five years and I think I have worked hard to
really understand PCT. In these years I have made a dictionary for myself.
It is a collection of parts of letters from these five years and Bill's name
is appendix to many descriptions.
Purpose 3: I will put the dictionary on the net within a week and I will
inform you.

Purpose 4: I am working with an application of PCT where I work with a model
of a human being standing on a ship's deck in heavy sea. This is a long-term
project for me, but I will put the start of the project on the net within a
fortnight. This is a project where I will have words, thoughts and
corrections from you so I can learn more PCT myself. Making models, I think,
is the best way to learn more about PCT.

from [ Marc Abrams (2203.05.06.1800)

[From Bjorn Simonsen (2003.05.06,22:00 EST)]

Thank you Bjorn. I am anxiously awaiting your material and I am looking
forward to some fine discussion on CSGnet with you. Your dictionary will be
_most_ welcome. It is not an easy project.