[From Bob Clark (930514.1800 EDT)

Rick Marken (930510.1000)

You quote my remark:

HPCT is frequently treated in static terms, as though time plays no
part in the operation of Control Systems.

I realize that there are those, you seem to be one of them, to whom
my remark does not apply. I hoped to get the attention of some who
have not realized that Control Systems are making use of time -- and
in several ways.

From what I have seen regarding your spreadsheet model, your view is

very close to my own on this matter. This is also true, of course,
with several others. Unfortunately, I am lacking most of the nine
(?) years activities of the Group/Net, and I don't yet have a good
handle on most of the participants. Much less on all they have

I referred to:

recognition from the "Scientific Community."

Yes, I realize I exaggerated -- you suggest you "would be very
content with detection." This could be a beginning, perhaps, but
really not sufficient. I think effective application of PCT in
actual situations may well be more important, both in being
"detected" and eventually being "accepted."

I am impressed by Dag's efforts, and Ed Ford's occasional intriguing
anecdotes. I know there are others. I would very much like to know
their methods, presentation, language, style, etc. As I have
mentioned, I am now exploring the local City Government, and related
activities from the PCT standpoint, and seeking ways to show them PCT
concepts without using formal, technical engineering type language.

Yes, of course "PCT is real" -- but sometimes its a bit hard to tell
about the PCTers. As I think you know, I've been aboard and applying
PCT since my early collaboration with Bill.

These have been exciting times!!

Thanks, Rick, for your "reaction."

Regards, Bob Clark