STELLA & Barry Richmond

[from Gary Cziko 920917.1600]

Bill Powers (920917.0900) asks of Eric Harnden (920917.0930):

Would you mind posting once more the name of the guy who's in charge
of Stella, and if you have it, an address? I think I'll write to see
if he has any interest in PCT. If he could be persuaded to include
just user-written functions, a lot of needs would be met.

Bill, Hugh Petrie recently wrote me about Barry Richmond:

I THINK I sat next to Barry Richmond
(according to his card) on a plane trip about a year ago. He showed me STELLA
in a demo form. He did indeed, seem very PCTish as I recall. Maybe you
could remind him of his trip in first class a year ago with a dean of education
and see if he wants to j0oin CSG-L. I have the following information.
Barry Richmond
High Performance Systems
45 Lyme Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Fax: 603-643-9502
phone: 603-643-9636
AppleLink: X0858

That AppleLink address translated to Internet should be I sent a test message to this address yesterday
but haven't gotten a reply yet. I will let you know if I do.

I was going to try to get discounts on STELLA for CSG members. Bruce
Hannon here on my campus gets it for $65 for his students. I'll gladly let
you write to him about this instead of me (of course, if he's good he
already knows about you and won't know about me).--Gary


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