Stephan and RTP

from Mary Powers [010212]

I'm sorting through a lot of files today and have been looking at
interchanges between Stephan Balke and various other people. What strikes
me as odd is people criticizing Stephan for not being RTP trained, for not
visiting RTP schools, etc.

Has it escaped people's attention that Stephan lives and works in Germany??

I think it is very admirable that he is interested in this program and
trying to work out how to apply it on his own, from the books.

One benefit from his effort may be that having someone try to learn RTP
solely from RTP books will help to reveal any problems with the way the
program is described in the books.

That should make a few people happy. :wink:

Actually, I hope Stephan is getting some advice now from RTP - Bill P.
forwarded one of his posts to Tom B.

Mary P.