Stressed Map Task

Within a few minutes we will be faxing to you the maps which are used by
the Quad 1 subjects in addition to one pair of maps which you already have.
Please see Henry Thompson's message with the lengthy account of the design
to see which maps supply which dialogue in the sequence of 8 dialogues
produced by the quad.

Further thoughts on time pressure: Prof. Tony Sanford, one of our Glasgow
colleagues, is very interested in quantifiers as used in natural language.
(In fact he and his wife, Linda Moxey, have just published a book on the
area.) They have previously done small scale elicitation exercises which
tend to show that many lexically different terms (like "a few", "few",
"not many") may often reflect exactly the same shortfall on expectation,
for example. To date, our dialogues offer little that would interest
him, -- but --
suppose the participants in your timed versions of the task could see
clocks as they work, perhaps we might get some nice quantifications of
the time they've taken so far and still have to go. Is that acceptable
from your point of view?