Stuff up on the web

[From Richard Kennaway (2000.08.14:1540 BST)]

I have put the version of the Java applet robot simulation that I showed in
Boston on the web at:

I've put some minimal notes on how to run it on the web page. It runs in
Internet Explorer but not Netscape.

My archive of CSGNET is also available at

It goes from July 1994 to July 2000. These are the raw digest files
downloaded from the server (which only keeps the last year or two). The
files range in size from a few hundred kb to a couple of MB. A few of the
attachments that have been posted to the list are there as well as separate
files, but not in any systematic way. The attachments are all embedded in
the digests anyway, but it takes some technical knowledge to extract them.

I haven't made any public link to the archive. Do people think there
should be one or not?

I'm looking into whether I can make this available by ftp.

-- Richard Kennaway,,
   School of Information Systems, Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.