Stupid Question -- NOT

[From Rick Marken (920605 08:15)]

Gary Cziko (920605.0900)

That was NOT a stupid qustion. It was precisely the RIGHT question.
It is like asking "Why don't all the tree's and people blow off
the earth if it's really spinning?". A new model had sure better be
able to explain why the "obvious" is not what is happening.

times like this I start to wonder if PCT will ever become widely

It will. But maybe not in our lifetime. But it will. How easy could it
have been for people to take for grated that the world is turning
(at an incredimble speed) on its axis and around the sun. Real change
isn't easy. I think most people still don't really believe that
we evolved from an ape ancestor.

But cheer up. Don't worry about other people understanding PCT. Just
enjoy the fact that you understand this precious jewel; desribe it
as best you can. Use your understanding and enjoy yourself. There
will be a couple more people who understand it each decade or so.
Since I got into it, at least one more person in the world learned
and understood PCT -- YOU. That is enough to make me happy -- that,
and the fact that you are such funny guy too.

The net needs more "stupid" questions like the one you asked.

Best regards




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