Submitting manuscript

[From Bruce Abbott (960223.1615 EST)]

Rick Marken (960223.1230) --

Well, it looks like I'm still considered a psychologist;

Nobody's perfect! (:->

I wonder if anyone out there knows where to submit manuscripts for
_Psychological Methods_ . The description of the journal (above) tells what
kind of papers they publish but I don't know where to send a manuscript or
how many to send. The Editor is Mark I. Appelbaum but they don't give his
affiliation and I haven't been able to find him on the Web (using Lycos

All of us practicing psychologists were given that information along with
the Secret Decoder Ring and Membership Recognition Handshake.

Seriously, it's the first I've heard of this journal. Let me know if you
find out. Mark is at Vanderbilt U. Nashville TN 37203 -- or was in 1993,
our latest APA directory.