SV: 1994


Thank you very much. This was fantastic. I have studied some of your,
Bill's, Tom's and other letters/articles on CDs, net and periodicals. Often
I tried to go to the archives to read more. Some times I found something and
other times I didn't find anything.
Reading September 1994 I found what I searched and also I found e mail from
Mary Powers that I appreciated (free will).

Maybe will post a mail to CSG and tell about it. If so I will propose that
you copy the mails from one year on and
leave them there for a week. You could give a message on CSG when you delete
one year and copy the next. Is it too much work or is it impossible. I am
quite sure other members will appreciate to read through our history.

I will not post the mail to CSG before I get a comment from you. If you are
too busy, I will not.

May I ask a question? Is Bill OK? Don't answer if the question is wrong.

Best, Bj�rn

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[From Dag Forssell (2006 0204 18:00 PST)


Check out

I'll leave it there for a week or so.

Best, Dag

At 01:26 AM 2/4/2006, you wrote:

How can I go and get mails in CSG from 1994

bjorn simonsen

[From Bjorn Simonsen (2006.02.05,14:00 EST)]

What a Blunder.
I thought my previous mail was sent to Dag private. It was not written to
the group. I am sorry?


[From Rick Marken (2005.02.05.0940)]


Thank you very much. This was fantastic.

I know you meant to post this privately to Dag but I've seen far worse accidentally posted to the net. And I am glad you posted it because it prompted me to read some of the 1994 posts and it was absolutely fascinating. It's amazing how much great, substantive work was posted on the net back then. The posts were so mature and we were so optimistic about the educational possibilities of the net back then. We're younger than that now.

May I ask a question? Is Bill OK? Don't answer if the question is wrong.

I spoke to Bill two days ago. He's fine but recovering from a cold.

Best regards



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