SV: control

[from Mary Powers 9903.12]

John Appel:

You say "I wish we could find some way of getting together (control >>of behavior and control of perception)".

There is no way. If that is what you want, you are not going to get it.
The position of the organizers of this net is that control of behavior is >a failed concept. Certainly people behave, and some of their >behavior is aimed at controlling other people - but one does not >control other people by controlling one's own behavior. One uses >one's own behavior (varying it as needed in an ever-changing world) >in order to bring about the perception of
other people doing what one wants them to do. Behavior is a means >for achieving desired perceptions.

Is it more clear if we use a.o. Norbert Wieners broad definition of behavior.

_Behavior is any modification of an object, detectable externally_

A doctor can never control the modifications happeningg in his patient, he or she can only perceive the changes produced in the surroundings of the patient and control what he or she perceives
A blood-pressuer meter is a part of the surroundings, the doctor is also a part of the surroundings.

The doctor knows what to do when he perceive a high level at the blood-pressure meter. He does what he knows and maybe he later perceive a lower blood-pressure level. This is how he control what he perceives..