SV: Definitions & Meanings

[From Bjoern Simonsen (980809.10.10 GMT)]

Hello members of CSG.
I am a newcomer.

Therefore I'l start telling about myself. I am 61, merried, two growned up
children, I worked ten years as math./chemistry-teacher in college,
I worked twentyfive years as a rehabilitation consulent an I am still doing

In 1985 I read the article of Rosenblueth, Wiener and Bigelow in Philosophy
of Science from 1943_Behavior, Purpose and Teleology_, and I still remember
Especially I remember the two different ways to describe the world
around me, I also remember that all behavior had a pupose. I read that
article hundreds of times and told people about its content.They said Yes,
what so. I gave copies of the article to people and theydidn't mind.

In october 1997 I searced for a newsgroup with the theme "behavior" and I
found CSG. That was great.
In this group I have found something in the prolongation of Wieners
One of the first letters I read was from Bary Cziko.

[from Bary Cziko 971102.0353 GMT]

Since I am now working on the Piaget section, I wonder if there are some
people out there who can help me relate Piaget's theories to PCT.

I almost wrote you some words Gary, something about Schema from Piaget and
References from PCT. But I didnt know eough about PCT.

Instead I asked Bill Powers about PCT. Thank you for your answer Bill.
Since that time I have read the letters in the CSG, at the time I work with
chapter 7 in B:CP and it is not an easy text.( A problem is to understand
that the least significant time interval for the system is 1/10 when
disturbances propagate around the loop in about 1/20 second (typical))
I have read the webs I find at the net.
I hope to learn more about the model about control.
Maybe I am ready to contribute after almost a year just reading?

I have decidet to contribute. So back to business.

[From Hank Folson (980802)]
[From Fred Nickols (980802.0520)]

If behavior is generally defined as being the end result of a process,
can the word have place in perceptual control theory? No, it cannot

I agree, _behavior cannot be defined as beeing the end result of a process_

I can't find the definition of the word behavior in B:CD, but the word is
used in different PCT articles and letters.

But I remember Rosenblueth, Wiener and Bigelow's definition:

        _Any modification of an object, detectable externally, may be denoted as

This definition also includes PCT the term "behavior" refers to the working of the entire loop....


I am not sure we need the word "actions"


I disagree Hank. I find the word "behavior" _defined as Norbert Wiener
did_,useful in a model
of controll. Of course, it is too extesive, but it can be spesified
depending the level of control.


Bjoern Simonsen
(this is my first post to a newsgroup, so I beg you pardon if I do
something wrong)