System Analysis

[From Fred Nickols (980407.1635 EDT)]

Bill Powers (980406.0748 MST)

There is a difference between PCT and many other explanatory schemes that
tends to be left out of discussions. PCT is an example of _system
analysis_, whereas few other psychological theories belong in that category.

<snip explication of "system analysis">

All models in the hard sciences abide by these rules of system analysis.
Essentially no models in the psychological sciences do, other than PCT.

That is a powerful statement. I do not wish to challenge it; indeed, I hope
it is quite true. Assuming it is true, I could sell a whole lot of "stuff"
with that as a premiss. So, my question is this:

        How might I verify the assertion in the line above beginning
        with "All models..."?

Remember, I am asking this not to challenge but to confirm. I'm not quite
expert enough to stand up and declare it is true, so how might I confirm it?

P.S. Bill Powers and a fellow named Roger Kaufman are the only two
      people I've every known who took care to distinguish between
      systems analysis and system analysis.


Fred Nickols
The Distance Consulting Company