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[From Hank Folson 920701]

Bill Powers (920629.0930) said:

It isn't really necessary to educate everyone about control theory. If HPCT
is right, everyone has the necessary levels of control and perception.
What's needed is a set of experiences in which they can see the basis for
justice and constitutional rights.

Quite true. However, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him
drink." is a very appropriate Category 1A observation. Just because people
become aware of PCT does not mean that they will control for the greater
good. The best we can hope for is that in a PCT world, more people will have
System Concepts that will include the concept of the world being a better

The reason I proposed looking at four categories of people was to make it
easier to target those most likely to be open to and buy into PCT.

Category 1A people would seem ready for PCT, because the concepts should not
generate large error signals for them. On the other hand, since they already
intuitively are living as though they understood the positive implications
of PCT, they presumably are controlling effectively, and have no need to

There are a lot of potential Category 3's out there who have a vested
interest in the status quo. Because they are controlling for no change, PCT
says there is little likelihood they will accept a new way of thinking.
Psychologists are the most interesting example. They have much to gain from
PCT. However, PCT says they will have the greatest error signal generated by
PCT.As has been said many times, PCT, is a threat to their System Concept.
The only approachable psychologists are those who have large error signals
within their specialities in psychology. Does this view sound reasonable to
the psychologists on the net?

There are close to 5,000,000,000 Category 1 people out there who could be
taught about PCT and System Concepts. Those with large error signals are
probably the most open to learning about PCT.

The best potential "markets" for a PCT revolution are among those groups who
would see PCT as a tool, not a threat. These are people who have goals that
can be more easily achieved by applying an understanding of PCT. Any

PCT Dictionary:

We Category 2's are the most difficult bunch to work with on Systems
Concepts. We can & will flop back into Category 1 in mid-statement, with no
warning at all. It is very difficult to keep alert for changes in another's
viewpoint, especially when we respect their knowledge and ability in

I feel a need for a PC Dictionary (Perceptually Correct?). Dictionaries
have different definitions for different worlds. e.g.: Post: 1. In computer
usage, an electronic message. 2.In farming, what holds up a fence. (The
consequences of a threat to hit you with a post depends on who the speaker
is. Interestingly, most prefer the farmer.)

Is there any interest on the net in developing a list of words that mean
different things in the S-R world and the PCT world, or do not even
translate? For starters, how about:

If the list is of workable length, and I suspect it is, the next step would
be the PCT and S-R definitions. The final step would be the hardest: How to
communicate without running afoul of the different meanings.

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