[From Mike Acree (970306.1119 PST)]

Bill Powers (970305.1913 MST)--

"It's interesting seeing how TCP's model is received, which is very much
the way PCT is received. Everybody already believes in something, and
when you offer a theory that goes against those beliefs, you're told,
'Oh, no, no, you've got it all wrong, it doesn't work that way at all.
Let me tell you how it REALLY works.'"

Yes, for sure, and regrettably--but don't forget that those who have
criticized leakage theory on the Net have also embraced PCT
(enthusiastically, speaking for myself); and in my judgment PCT is much
more radical in psychology than leakage theory is in economics. ("It
isn't necessarily true just because it's unbelievable.") I intend that
expressly as a compliment to your theory (and to its author).

All best,