Teacher's reaction to PCT

from Ed Ford (920626:14:43)

To all -

Those attending the conference wishing letters inviting you or
accepting your paper or whatever, let me know if I can help. I guess
the current president of the CSG is also program chairman and I have
sent several letters out already (Dick, your letter went out in today's

For the past two weeks, I've been teaching elementary and high school
teachers four hours a day, every day, for a professional education
program at Ottawa U. here in Phoenix. I've never had a class so
excited over control theory and its use in dealing with discipline,
counseling problems (including parents), and stress. The first two
days were somewhat quiet, then all of a sudden, the excitement level
began to rise and rise. Their comments on the last day would make a
control theorist's heart throb as they'd mention how this or that
aspect of PCT made this or that part of their job or life easier to
deal with. Obviously, their knowledge of PCT was limited, but I was
very impressed with how much they understood and were translating into
their own lives. I guess that's the kind of thing we're all trying to

Now to catch up on the volume of mail on the CSGnet.

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